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Most people think that a disaster can never happen to them, but in Schoharie County we learned that it can.  We also learned that if we have intentionally prepared, lives can be saved. Emergency planning insures that more people can be served and helped when that unforeseeable disaster strishelter 1kes.

In the wake of Hurricane Irene in August of 2011, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Gallupville, NY, learned that our Community Emergency Shelter certainly needed to be better prepared.

Hurricane Irene produced caused destruction over much of New York, totaling close to $296 million dollars in damages. The storm is ranked as one of the costliest in the history of New York.  Evangelical Lutheran Church itself received substantial damage from the flooding. The church’s classrooms, offices, nursery, youth room, food/clothing pantry, and storage areas were all destroyed. Many Gallupville community members were unable to evacuate as roads were washed out in all directions, leaving the Gallupville Community Shelter at our church as the only viable shelter option. Even with the damage the church had sustained, we were blessed to be able to open our doors and provide a safe haven, a place to rest, take a shower, sleep, and have a meal.  Over 700 people went through our doors in the first 10 days. Whether they were people who had been displaced or volunteers who had come from miles away, all were thankful for shelter, food and/or a night’s rest. Thousands of meals were made the following weeks after the first flooding, served in-house and sent out to the community to volunteer crews.

One critical piece of equipment during this time was our generator. It proveshelter 2d to be a limiting factor in how much electricity we could use for refrigeration, lighting, hot water, etc.  The refrigerators and freezers in the food pantry had all been flooded and the food contaminated.  The existing generator had the capacity to keep power on for the kitchen refrigerator and another donated refrigerator, and to limited lighting throughout the facility.  The blessing everyday of more and more fresh produce, cooked meals and staples being donated from people all over the state was greatly appreciated…but we surely could have used a more dependable generator so we could have housed more refrigerators and stored more food safely. Shelter residents kept busy during the days, but the generator only kept a few lights on at night.  More lighting and fans were definitely needed.


We are NOW raising funds to purchase an EMERGENCY GENERATOR
that will support the entire building, keep lights on, refrigeration running, give hot water for showers, kitchen needs and cleaning, and provide for better safety for all who stay at this emergency shelter in times of need.

A proposal for $25,000 will include:

  • Installing a 38KW Quiet Source Generac Generator – with the capacity needed for the facility
  • Installing 200amp automatic transfer switch next to meter
  • Digging trench and laying piping to generator
  • Purchasing 1000 gallon underground tank with 1000 gallons of propane
  • Laying concrete pad for generator and fencing
  • Moving lighted church sign to facilitate generator being placed on highest ground

Some of the labor and materials for this project have been donated.  This leaves us with the total of $25,000.

God has always been faithful to provide.  He provided safety, housing, food, water, clothing, ….. and most of all, spiritual help.  But, we need your help to make it a better, safer Community Emergency Shelter. 

Help us be better prepared when the next disaster strikes!  Donate now!


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