Summer Camp

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Summer Camp – co-sponsored by Evangelical Lutheran Church and Fields of Grace Outreach – will be held once again at a local Campground.  Adults must register also if attending with their children.

All those seeking to work with youth are required to take the Accountability/ Risk Management Course prior to applying to volunteer. 

Permissions slips must  be completed prior to Camp – (These will be available 2 months prior to camp.)

WHAT to PACK for CAMP! Download list here!

Cost: $50  (Limited camp scholarships are available. Apply early)

The Summer Camp theme is chock full of lots of great lessons, games, special guests and great summer fun!

Registration forms will be available soon and the cost for Summer Camp, youth and adults both, is $50.  $30 for each additional family’s child.   Forms and payment must be turned in prior to Summer Camp. Speak with Pastor regarding any possible camp scholarships for youth.

Adults attending will be expected to volunteer some service as well as participate in activities.  All adults must have completed an Accountability/Risk Management Workshop prior to volunteering with youth.