November Ideas

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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with a “Thankfulness Tree”
You will need:
Posterboard (any color)
Construction paper (autumn colors)
Construction paper (brown or black)

Cut out a tree-trunk using the brown or black construction paper.

Cut out handprints (several for each person) from ‘autumn colors” construction paper.

Write what you are thankful for on each handprint (these are the leaves)

Glue the tree trunk to the posterboard.

Glue the leaves to the trunk.

Hang the Thankfulness Tree somewhere in your kitchen.


Get Ready for Thanksgiving with a
decoration of Melted Crayon Art
From the old crayons that may have accumulated among your children’s toys, gather up a good selection in fall colors.
Use a vegetable peeler or crayon sharpener to turn the crayons into shavings.  Keep colors separate in small Dixie cups or baby food jars.
On art paper or manilla construction paper, draw an outline of a Thanksgiving object such as a turkey, pumpkin, horn of plenty, fall leaf, etc.
Place drawing on ironing board, first protecting ironing board cover with a layer of waxed paper.  Lightly sprinkle shavings to color in areas of the picture.
Carefully cover picture with waxed paper.  Iron carefully (heating iron on LOW) and apply pressure just long enough to melt shavings onto paper.
Allow drawing to cool slightly.  Remove waxed paper from your work of art.  You may want to cut out your drawing before hanging.


The Night Before Thanksgiving:

  • Come to Thanksgiving Eve Worship
  • Bring canned food for the Interfaith Food Pantry to worship with you.
  • Don’t forget to put out food for the backyard wildlife.

Make Thanksgiving Cards or Placecards for everyone who will be at dinner with you (whether the dinner is at your house or not).  For placecards: Fold a plain 3×5 card. Write each person’s name on the outside. On the inside, write a personal “thank you for …” message. Suggest that every member of your family add a “thank you’ to the card. Make Thanksgiving cards out of folded construction paper.

Right AFTER Thanksgiving grace,
Go around the table, giving each person an opportunity to name some special person for whom he or she is especially is especially grateful to God this Thanksgiving. Let the host & hostess speak first. If this turns into part of the Thanksgiving Dinner conversation, so much the better.

Fun at the Kid’s Table         (Pastor Mike keeps telling me not to print stuff like this, but I can’t resist!)  Hey kids!  Stuck for another year at the Kid’s Table for Thanksgiving dinner?  Don’t be upset.  The thing about the Kid’s Table is, since everyone there is a kid to begin with, the rules are a little more relaxed.  As long as no one chokes or loses an eye or bleeds real blood, you’re generally OK.  Here are some of the things Pastor Mandy and her cousins used to do at the Kid’s Table.  Keep in mind that parental patience varies from family to family, so don’t blame Pastor Mandy if mom hauls you off by the ear.
1.  Using mashed potatoes, form the North American continent, using butter for the Great Lakes and peas for the Rockies.  Then explain to the other kids how a meteorite from space squashed the dinosaurs, by hurling a bread roll into the Gulf of Mexico (gravy) at high speeds.
2.  Have a gravy gargling contest.  Once you have all your cousins gargling, sneak behind one of them, yell “Look!  It’s Old Faithful!” and then jab her in her ticklish spots.
3.  They’re called drumsticks for a reason.
4.  Pretend that you are actually sitting at the adults’ table.  Make conversation like adults using the following words: Mortgage, Layoff, Carburetor, 401(k), Cellulite, Senate Committee, and Prostate.
5.  Tell all your cousins how you once heard there was this guy who was so greedy that he actually ate an entire turkey, bones and all, and how the turkey actually glued itself back together inside the guy’s stomach and then pecked its way out, just like the thing in “Aliens”.  Once you’ve got them hooked, hit them with the kicker — “And you know who that guy was?  It was ME !!!” Then clutch your chest with the hand that you’ve secretly put cranberry sauce in, and let the sauce spill out, simulating blood and guts.
Gosh I miss sitting at the Kid’s Table